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The Cambridges

Prince William appoints David Cameron’s former spokesperson as his new private secretary

Photo: Charlie Proctor/Royal Central

Kensington Palace has announced that Jean-Christophe Gray is to become the Duke of Cambridge’s private secretary.

Mr Gray was previously the official spokesperson to the former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Prior to this, he was Head of General Expenditure Policy at Her Majesty’s Treasury.

Other roles Mr Gray has on his CV includes private secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Head of Press.

Mr Gray takes over from Christian Jones as Prince William’s most senior aide.

Mr Jones, acting private secretary to Prince William, is leaving his position at Kensington Palace to take up a role at private equity group Bridgepoint.

Mr Jones became acting private secretary last year after William’s previous aide, Simon Case, was poached by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to become Cabinet Secretary.

Each working member of The Royal Family has a private secretary who are effectively their principal’s right-hand man or woman. On royal engagements, private secretaries accompany their designated royal on official visits and act as their eyes and ears on the ground.

The private secretary is a closest of advisers to their principal and the best interest of the royal will be central to everything they do.