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The Cambridges

Prince William and Kate send personalised letters to excited primary school children

<![CDATA[The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pleased school children at Chirton Church of England Primary School by sending them each personalised letters.
The children were delighted at receiving a royal response after writing to Prince William and Kate asking them to save their school, by enrolling Prince George there, after failing admission numbers threatened the school's future.
Two months after writing to the future King and Queen, teachers and students were given a pleasant surprise when they received personalised replies from the couple.

A statement on the school’s website reads: “After returning from our half term break we were delighted to discover that we had received a response from Kensington Palace following writing to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before Christmas.
“Upon opening the package we were surprised to see that each of us had received a personal letter from the House of William and Kate! We wrote to them in order to persuade them that their new son, Prince George, should indeed attend our wonderful school.”
In one letter to a pupil called Keeleigh the Duke and Duchess revealed they were impressed by the youngster’s letter and the young girl was told: “Their Royal Highnesses were impressed by your persuasive comments; you certainly made a wonderful case for Chirton Primary with its beautiful large grounds being the ideal school for Prince George.”
On Sunday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s itinerary for their upcoming visit to Australia and New Zealand was revealed.
It was confirmed Prince George will be joining the couple on their first visit down under and the royal trio will spend around 10 days in each country carrying out official duties in what is planned to be a tour where the royal couple can meet as many people as possible.
photo credit: Katrina Koger via photopin cc