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Commonwealth Day Fashion Through the Years: The Duchess of Cambridge

Charlie Proctor/Royal Central

The 8th of March marks Commonwealth Day, the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations. Often held on the second Monday in March, the day is celebrated with an Anglican service at Westminster Abbey. Normally in attendance is Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, and other seniors royals. The Queen delivers an address which is broadcast throughout the world, and while the day is a public holiday in some parts of the Commonwealth, it is not in Britain.

With the traditional service being cancelled due to the pandemic, Royal Central is taking a look at what senior members of the Royal Family have worn to the annual service throughout the years. This article will focus on the Duchess of Cambridge, who made her first Commonwealth Day service appearance in 2015.

9 March 2020

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11 March 2019

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12 March 2018

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Commonwealth Day 2018 would mark one of the Duchess’s last engagements before going on maternity leave. Prince Louis, the Duke and Duchess’s third child, was born a little more than a month later on 23 April. The 2018 service would also mark the first Commonwealth Day service for the Duchess of Sussex. She would marry into the family a couple of months later on 19 May.

14 March 2016

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9 March 2015

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The 2015 service would mark the Duchess’s first Commonwealth Day service. At the time, she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, who was born on 2 May at St Mary’s Hospital in London – the same place Princes William and Harry were born and Prince George and Prince Louis.

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