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The Cambridges

Boots on the Ground: A Royal Reporter in NYC with William and Kate

<![CDATA[There is something magical about Manhattan at Christmas time; twinkling lights, frantic shoppers, decorated store windows, holiday markets and the world’s most famous tree, but on Sunday, December 7 there was something more, a palpable energy that could not be denied. It could only mean one thing – royalty was headed our way.
Well before the visit was confirmed just about three weeks ago, New York City has been buzzing with the news of a potential royal appearance. That day finally arrived – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in “The City That Never Sleeps” at 4:37pm local time on Sunday, December 7 for their first-ever visit.
While the world only got a quick glimpse of the couple upon their arrival at The Carlyle Hotel, it did not seem to really matter much, William and Kate were here, and they were going to be one with the city for the next few days.
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Crowds began gathering outside of the famed luxury hotel on the Upper East Side in the wee hours of Sunday morning, waiting almost nine hours in the cold and wind before William and Kate pulled up in their massive motorcade. Some questioned whether New Yorker’s would even be fazed (and I’ll be honest, some just do not care at all), they were quickly proved wrong.
It can be tough to impress a tried and true New Yorker; celebrities wander freely without so much of a head turn and the aggressive streets can turn city dwellers cold and harsh, but as we always say, the British royal family are not your average celebrities. Prince Harry’s visit to the United States last year gave us a glimpse of that as the media and the Even this hardcore Harry fan is feeling the royal love on an unfounded level.
Demand is extremely high for the royal couple (and living in Kate’s perfectly dressed bump). There is something purely electrifying about Kate that breaks down the walls between royalists and those who normally could not care less about the royal family. People turn out for her. They are mesmerized by her. We are quickly discovering that New Yorker’s are no exception.
Breathe in that royal air, New Yorkers… let’s enjoy this to the fullest.
Kelly is a Royal Blogger and author of Keep Calm and Harry On. You can follow Kelly on Twitter at @RoyalReview
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