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Princess Anne and Family

Zara Tindall feels “very lucky” to have no royal title

When Princess Anne had her children Zara and Peter, they were not automatically given royal titles as royal titles like ‘prince’ or ‘princess’ are usually passed down from a monarchs son only.

The Queen offered to give courtesy titles to Princess Anne’s former husband Mark and any children born to the pair, but the couple decided against it. This means that while Zara is a granddaughter of The Queen, she is not styled as Princess and she is happy about this!

Many young girls daydream about being a princess, but Zara Tindall knows that she has had a more free and relaxed life because she does not hold this title. In an old interview with The Times, Zara said she was “very lucky” not to have been given the title and that it has given her opportunities to do what she has wanted in life.

Zara and her brother, Peter, are part of the Royal Family and attend many events such as royal weddings and parties, which they have done since childhood. Their status as untitled royals sets them apart however and means they have been able to choose their own paths in life outside of the royal family. Zara has used this freedom to go away and study at Exeter University and then to build her equestrian career.

Through hard work and determination and supported by sponsorship deals, Zara has become a renowned Equestrian. Her career has seen her become an Eventing world champion, BBC sports personality of the year and even win a silver medal at the Olympics. If Zara had been a Princess, she might have been too busy with royal duties to have forged such a successful career.

On top of her career, Zara and her husband Mike have a daughter named Mia and are currently expecting their second child.