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Princess Anne and Family

Princess Anne – the new strength and stay of the Royal Family

One thing was made clear during the mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II – her only daughter, Princess Anne, is the Royal Family’s new strength and stay.

The Princess Royal showed exemplary strength during a devastating time and provided the “strength and stay” that her father, the late Duke of Edinburgh, once gave to The Queen.

Anne was at her mother’s side, alongside the now King Charles, when she died at Balmoral, and Anne was the one who accompanied her body back to London from Scotland. She also was the person who registered her death.

After escorting her mother back to London, Princess Anne released a statement, true to her nature, that was short and to the point. She said, in part, “I was fortunate to share the last 24 hours of my dearest Mother’s life. It has been an honour and a privilege to accompany her on her final journeys. Witnessing the love and respect shown by so many on these journeys has been both humbling and uplifting.”

She joined her brothers in walking behind The Queen’s coffin on its way to Westminster Abbey, and Anne flew to Glasgow, Scotland, the following day to receive condolences and view tributes to the beloved monarch who died at the age of 96. The Princess Royal has always been a no-fuss royal who got down to business and carried out the most engagements in the Royal Family most years.

And to her family, too, she is a trusted advisor. Charles has always valued her opinion and trusts her completely to represent him and the United Kingdom. With her on his side, she provides added confidence and the extra support he needs now that he is head of state. This extends to the Royal Family as a whole, who are now adjusted to a new life without their beloved matriarch.

The King has been a big proponent of a slimmer monarchy, but you shouldn’t expect to see the family’s hardest-working member be sidelined. Anne will continue her roles and provide that “strength and stay” to Charles that their father once provided to their beloved mother.

Anne has always been close to her brother, Charles, and he will need her more than ever now that he is on the throne. If the past month has shown us anything, it’s that the Princess Royal is the strength the Royal Family needs.

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