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Princess Ingrid Alexandra begins 12-month military training

Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra—serving as Recruit Alexandra—has begun her year-long stint with the Engineer Battalion in Brigade Nord.

The young royal arrived for her first day of training last week, but cameras from Norway’s media were invited this Wednesday to witness some of what her training entails.

During Wednesday’s training session, Princess Ingrid Alexandra learned the various parts of a gun and how to disassemble and reassemble it. She was also asked if she had any regrets over choosing the Engineer Battalion, to which she replied: “I have no regrets.”

The Battalion’s Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Bjørn Kråkstad, told NRK, “We are very proud that the princess has chosen the Engineer Battalion” and said that he hopes she’ll enjoy her year of military service.

The future queen will spend the year training at the Battalion’s headquarters in Øverbygd, which is located in Indre Troms. There are roughly 800 soldiers located there, and an additional 200 civilian employees.

Over the course of the year, Princess Ingrid Alexandra will learn the basics of military training and will have to fend for herself. The Company Commander, Hågen Vangsnes, told NRK that she “has to wash the floor, quiet the room, make the bed and attend classes. We have the same expectations of her as all other soldiers.”

According to the Court, after her initial recruitment period ends, “The Princess is assigned a service position, and completes a professional period with more specific education followed by a departmental period of training and practice.”

There was some speculation ahead of Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s training over what name would be revealed on her badge. As the Norwegian Royal Family does not use a surname, she is simply Rekrutt Alexandra.

In 2022, ahead of her 18th birthday, Princess Ingrid Alexandra spent time with various companies within the Norwegian Armed Forces. Last June, the Norwegian Royal Court announced that the royal will spend 12 months with the Engineer Battalion.

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