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Prince William’s Chester title in the spotlight at wedding of the year

The Prince of Wales was in Chester to support his friend, the Duke of Westminster, at his wedding to Olivia Henson. The heir to the throne acted as an usher at the ceremony. However, Prince William actually has a different title in Chester, the Earl of Chester. 

Dating back to 1301, the Prince of Wales is also granted the title of Earl of Chester. While the titles have not merged, they have both been given to the heir apparent of the English throne since the late fourteenth century. 

The Earldom of Chester was first created in 1067. It was first held by Gerbod the Fleming from 1067 to 1070. It was then recreated in 1071 for Hugh D’Avranches, and recreated again in 1254 and 1264. 

It was in 1301 that it was recreated for Edward of Caernarvon who would go on to become King Edward II in 1307. 

In 1312, Edward Plantagenet, the future King Edward III, was made Earl of Chester. Going forward, all Princes of Wales have been also made Earl of Chester.

King Charles III announced that his son, Prince William, would be Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester on 9 September 2022.

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