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King Harald praises Queen Mary on her twentieth wedding anniversary

The King and Queen of Denmark in an official portrait with the King and Queen of Norway to mark the State Visit of Frederik X and Mary to Oslo

In a poignant speech at a gala dinner in Norway, King Harald took time to praise King Frederik and Queen Mary on their 20th wedding anniversary.

Speaking of the new Danish king’s accession earlier this year following Queen Margrethe’s abdication, King Harald said how important it was that he was surrounded by his family in that moment.

The King and Queen of Denmark in an official portrait with the King and Queen of Norway to mark the State Visit of Frederik X and Mary to Oslo
The King and Queen of Denmark with the King and Queen of Norway at the start of the State Visit of Frederik X to Olso
(Photo by Kimm Saatvedt /Det kongelige hoff)

He said: “This moment I hope you will carry with you as a strength throughout your kingship. But the support of the people alone cannot carry a king. You also need to live in love with those closest to you.”

King Harald had warm words for Queen Mary during his speech at the State Banquet at the start of her State Visit to Norway
(Detdanskekongehus/ Instagram still/ fair use)

He then turned to Queen Mary and offered praise to her for becoming an invaluable member of the Danish Royal Family. The Danish monarchs were married on 14 May 2004.

King Harald said: “Dear Mary, you took on a big task when you went and fell in love with this sporty Dane. You gave up a lot that was safe and familiar. You made Denmark and the Danes your own heartland and heartland. I know that you have also been a great support for our beloved Queen Margrethe. Just today the two of you have been married for 20 years—surely that deserves a round of applause? We think it’s very nice that you chose to celebrate your wedding anniversary here with us tonight!”

Queen Mary and Queen Sonja greeted guests ahead of the State Banquet
(Detdanskekongehus/ Instagram still/ fair use)

The Norwegian king added that King Frederik and Queen Mary’s four children are “wonderful” and expressed his gratitude that the Danish and Norwegian royal families are close, noting that the “close ties of family and friendship between our two families are also continued through new generations. It means a lot to all of us, I think.”

He also joked that he expects King Frederik and Queen Mary to continue Queen Margrethe’s tradition of vacationing in the Norwegian mountains “and embracing the somewhat peculiar Norwegian sport of cross-country skiing!”

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