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Crown Prince Christian to take the lead in this year’s Royal Run

King Frederik will undertake his first Royal Run since ascending the throne this May, and he’ll be joined by Queen Mary and Crown Prince Christian for runs around Denmark.

The Royal Run website shared the Danish Royal Family’s run schedule earlier this week, sharing that on 20 May, King Frederik will take part in the Royal Run in Fredericia, which is this year’s host city, before joining in runs in Aarhus and Copenhagen/Frederiksberg. Queen Mary will participate in the Royal Run in Kalundborg.

And new this year, Crown Prince Christian will take the lead on his own run rather than join members of his family for a group race. The heir to the throne will run in Brønderslev.

“As always, we greatly appreciate the Royal Couple’s commitment to the Royal Run, but the fact that we will now also be joined by the Crown Prince in a new way will be something very special,” said Morten Mølholm Hansen, the CEO of the Danish Sports Confederation and the Royal Run Steering Committee, in a statement on the Royal Run’s website.  

According to the Royal Run’s website, Crown Prince Christian will join over 9,000 runners in North Jutland, and his participation is being lauded by the Mayor of Brønderslev.

“It is really great for us that the Crown Prince is coming to Brønderslev to take part in the Royal Run. We promise that we will probably have to buckle down to give him a good experience on his first trip out of the country in this way,” said Mayor Mikael Klitgaard in a statement on the Royal Run website.

Over 95,000 participants will take part in this year’s Royal Run—a new record of participants. There are five participating cities: Fredericia (the host city), Brønderslev, Aarhus, Kalundborg, and Copenhagen/Frederiksberg.

The Royal Run was founded in 2018 for then-Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday celebrations.

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