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Were We All Wrong About Richard III?

This Monday, the University Of Leicester are to announce whether the bones found in a Leicester car park in September belong to England’s last King to die in battle. According to many historians, the outlook is good. There are many distinguishing features on the corpse that tally with what we already know about King Richard III.

However, other discoveries on the corpse, if it does prove to be Richard III, would mean that a lot of what we thought to be true about King Richard could actually be false.

During his life, he was actually well respected, as a military General and as a man of high moral-standing. It was only once rumours began circulating about just how he came to the throne that people began to question him.

Richard III is now widely regarded to have killed (or rather ordered the killing) of the two boy princes in the tower, King Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke Of York. Edward V was on the throne after the death of his father Edward IV, as he was under 18, he was assigned under the protection of his uncle King Richard III. However, according to the history books, he aspired much higher than regent, he wanted to be King.

The story then goes that he ordered someone else to murder the two boy Princes so that he could claim the crown to be King. He then had the two boys proclaimed as illegitimate and then, his reign as King began.

One of the most fascinating features of this corpse is its hunched back. One of Shakespeare’s plays, Richard III, portrays Richard with a hunched back – this was common belief until not too long ago when historians say they believed that Richard was indeed, not a hunchback. This could again be proven wrong, only this time with conclusive evidence. The corpse that has been found bears scoliosis of the spin, or more commonly, spine curvature. Should this corpse belong to England’s King Richard, this would once again change what we know about the last Plantagenet King.

So we’re standing by for Monday’s announcement. If it does prove to be Richard III’s corpse, this really could change everything we know about the man many believe to be the King who usurped the crown.

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