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True Royalty launches “The Royal View”

True Royalty has a new series that any royal lover will want to check out. “The Royal View” is exclusive to True Royalty TV and contains eight episodes. It focuses on the British Royal Family from the past to the present – from Diana, Princess of Wales to the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex.

So what is “The Royal View”?

True Royalty explains, “The Royal View is here to bring you the truth behind the Royal Family’s most talked about moments from the people who know best. Each week a group of experts from Palace insiders to celebrity journalists to Royal historians tease the truth from the gossip that is forever swirling around the Royal Family.

“The show covers everything you would want to know about the Royal Family from past to present including marriage breakdowns, Royal scandals and clandestine power struggles. With guests including former Royal butler and confidant to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell to infamous tabloid editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, you are guaranteed to learn something you never knew about the Royals.”

So far, three of the eight episodes of the must-see series hosted by Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent have been released. The previews for the first three episodes are below:

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True Royalty was launched last year by Gregor Angus (CEO), Nick Bullen, and Edward Mason as the first only subscription video on demand service for all things on the British Royal Family.

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