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Royals and their Love of Horses


For many years, the Royal Family has been known for their love of horses and horse racing. There have been no secrets revolving around Queen Elizabeth’s passion and interest in horse racing and through the years the Royal Family has enjoyed the action at the racetracks while earning some handsome payouts for horses that have been entered into top-rated races around the world. Horse racing is known as the Sport of Kings, but the Royal Family has also proven it to be the Sport of Queens!

Every third week in June, the Queen was known to attend the opening day of the Royal Ascot. She would appear at the track in a horse-drawn carriage and spend the day admiring the entrants and enjoying the races. The Queen has a unique ability to judge a horse by the sound they make as they run. She is also a thoroughbred owner and has had many stakes in racing events over the years.

In 1953, she enjoyed her first win when Choir Boy won the Royal Hunt Cup. This just enhanced her love for horse racing and had goals to enjoy more success with her thoroughbreds that she entered in many races throughout the UK. Now, well into her 90s, the Queen can still be spotted riding her horses and attending the big races.

The Passion Passed Down

Not only did the Queen have an intense love for racing but also this has been passed down to Princess Anne. She was a competitive rider and was actually the first member of the Royal Family to be a competitor in the Olympic Games. At the 1976 Olympics, she rode one of the Queen’s horses, Goodwill. The love for horses continued in the family and Anne’s daughter quickly became a talented and successful rider. Zara Tindall, Anne’s daughter, became the very first of the Royals to win a medal at the Olympics, with a silver medal being won in London in 2012.

The royal family loves to attend races and in addition to always being in attendance at the Royal Ascot, they also visit other tracks throughout the year. Horse racing has become the sport of the Royal Family and many members over the years have gone on to ride and enter races. Even Prince Henry and William are avid riders, often competing in Polo matches.

Claiming the Wins

The Queen loves absolutely everything about horse racing and whose horses have had some great purse winnings. Her own horses have won huge amounts over the years and have claimed 452 race wins. In fact, even without wagering, the Queen has earned over $9 million from her horses alone. In 2016, she enjoyed her largest win with $775,323.

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Horse racing has long been a love for the Royals and this is not going to die down. With the Queen still actively involved and many other members of the family being riders and handlers, the love for horses and racing is one that will carry on for many more generations.