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Prince George photos to be released in next week

Contrary to reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will bypass convention and release HRH Prince George’s first official photographs via Twitter feed, the Palace has just confirmed to Royal Central that this will not necessarily be the case.


Prince George’s official photos are to be released soon.

A palace spokesman said “Whatever photos we release, they will be released via the main photographic agencies, not primarily on Twitter. We may put them on a twitter feed afterwards, but that will not be the mechanism for release.”

The spokesman revealed that decisions are still in the works as to which official photographs to release of the new Royal Family.

“One of the options for the photographs that we release is that they are family photos, i.e. not taken by a professional. That is only one of the options though.”

There has been much speculation as to whether the photos would be taken by the Duke and Duchess’s favourite photographers, or whether Their Royal Highnesses would open a few pages of their own personal photo album to the world.

The Duchess of Cambridge is said to be an avid photography enthusiast with a “great eye for pictures and wants the first official ones of George to be natural and in a relaxed environment,” revealed a source.

The Daily Mirror reported that Catherine is said to be going over family pictures taken by herself and the Middletons over the course of her stay in Berkshire in an effort not to disrupt the young prince’s routine.

Revealing a more casual and intimate glimpse into their private family life could perhaps appease public hunger for stolen moments captured by paparazzi. Some photographers have taken to dangerously instigating and feeding a ravenous appetite for salacious pictures of the royal couple, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are adamant to protect their little boy from similar scrutiny.

“Regarding timing, it will be within the next week or so,” stated the spokesman.

This comes on the heels of the news that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George will most likely join Prince William in Anglesey, before taking their first family vacation together at Balmoral in Scotland, at the Queen’s invitation, “within days rather than weeks“, as reported by The Express.

This will mark the introduction of Prince George to his eager great-grandfather, The Duke of Edinburgh, who had been recuperating at Sandringham from exploratory abdominal surgery for the last two months. He resumed his royal engagements on Monday at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

According to The Express,

“For the first time in more than a century, three heirs to the throne are alive and the 87-year-old Queen is expected to pose for photographs with son Prince Charles, 64, grandson Prince William, 31 and great grandson Prince George, nearly three weeks old.

The last such picture was of Queen Victoria in 1894 with her son, grandson and great grandson: Edward VII, George V and Edward VIII respectively.”

photo credit: Carmen Rodriguez NSP via photopin cc