Preview of episode eight of ‘The White Queen’

The White Queen

Time moves on remarkably quickly in this BBC series. It is the only way that the producers have been able to fit in decades of dramatic history without missing out as many details as possible. This episode begins with a prominent date in many royal historians minds – 1483.

Max Irons fans, be prepared for this episode; Edward IV falls gravely ill. Knowing his fate, Edward names his brother, Richard, Lord Protector as Edward’s heir is still a boy. Elizabeth is left in a devastatingly vulnerable position. Anne motivates her husband into taking the crown for himself as Prince Edward’s succession would only lead to a minority reign and an uneasy government.

Prince Edward is ordered to travel from Wales to London after learning the news of his father’s premature death. Richard Grey is put in charge of the young Prince’s travel across England but Prince Edward is captured by his uncle’s men and taken to the Tower. Elizabeth must take her other children and flee once again into sanctuary for safety. Elizabeth begins to assume Richard’s plans against her and her family. She creates her own plots against her brother-in-law to try to protect her children, especially her other son, nine year old Richard.

Margaret Beaufort sees an opportunity for her son’s future with the changes to the succession. With Elizabeth and Richard concentrating on fighting each other, Henry Tudor can plan taking on whoever is to win the fight, and drive towards the crown for himself.

Richard is continuously suspicious of plots against him by Elizabeth’s relations. He acts rashly, leading to Elizabeth losing more of her family members to others’ mistrust and greed.

The White QueenA marriage alliance is suggested in secret between Margaret and Elizabeth; the two women who would have never have been seen working together are now seen fighting for similar goals. Margaret’s husband Stanley reminds her that they must show their support for both of the opposing sides for strategic purposes, which consequently leads to Margaret playing a key part in the next coronation seen amongst these wars.

This episode will be broadcasted on Sunday 4th August at 9pm on BBC One.

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