‘No credible evidence’ in Diana SAS murder claims

Sky News has released extracts from a letter it has obtained today from a Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner which confirms the claims Diana, Princess of Wales was murdered by the SAS had “no credible or relevant evidence”.


A ‘scoping inquiry’ was launched by the Metropolitan Police earlier in the year after information was discovered relating to an alleged murder plot of Diana, Princess of Wales – who died on 31st August 1997 in a tunnel in Paris.

Since her death, numerous people have come forward with alternative explanation for how she died, though none have ever been proven. To most, Diana’s death remains just a tragic accident.

In the letter obtained by Sky from the Assistant Commissioner of the Central Operations and Specialist Crime Directorate, they quoted: “having reviewed the exercise and its findings, I am satisfied that there is no evidential basis upon which therefore to reopen any criminal homicide investigation or refer the matter back to the coroner.”

“In light of this information, I have today also written to the Royal Household and Lord Justice Baker informing them of the above and providing a copy of the concluding summary.”

The claims originally centred around a supposed SAS plot to kill the princess by blinding the driver with a light or laser.

Full details of the Metropolitan Police’s scoping inquiry into the claims will be released tomorrow, it’s reported.

photo credit: DG Jones via photopin cc