How The British Royalty Take A Holiday

Who says that royalty doesn’t need to take a holiday? It is true that they are often in the spotlight, with news of their activities winding up on the front pages of magazines.

Still, the Royals need a holiday just like anyone else, especially since their day to day is jam-packed with speaking engagements, press conferences, and various other events that take up their time. They also need to refresh and relax, although they will take a slightly different approach to the ordinary person.

Finding room in their busy schedules is harder than someone who must let their managers know they are taking a week off for a summer holiday. Still, here is how the British royalty find the time for a getaway.

Choosing a destination like ordinary people

The types of holiday destinations that royalty choose are no different to the way that most people would select a location spot. Most likely, they will want to find somewhere new and exciting to enjoy a break from royal responsibilities.

The weather must be considered, as well as the type of trip you are hoping to experience. Take a look at the example of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choosing a place that they can travel to with their children. One option could be heading to Europe, with options such as France, Portugal or Spain providing sun and adventure. Further afield, they may consider more exotic options such as holidays in Lanzarote, given that it’s an island that offers relaxing beaches, as well as plenty of fun activities that will keep both the adults and kids entertained. Making sure you can enjoy yourself as well as your children is important for any family holiday, and the same goes for the royal family!

Even royals need to relax and unwind, and you can find destinations fit for a royal for your next family getaway. Make sure you consider a destination and accommodation type that will suit the whole group or family, so you can make the most of your time away and make memories that will last a lifetime. Push the boat out and try somewhere new, so you can tick off another destination from your bucket list. You may discover a new area, or activity that the whole family love. It’s never too late to start family traditions. The new generation of royals are sure to make their mark with new ideas and a fresh take on tradition. You can do the same with your holiday, so plan ahead and take lots of ideas into consideration.

Finding room in their busy schedules

The hardest part about royalty taking a holiday is their ability to find time for it in their busy and hectic schedules. Every single day the royal family have many events they must attend at various hours of the day.

There is a reason you will never see Prince Harry or the Queen in a coffee shop reading a book. The chances are that they are on diplomatic trips around the world, presenting awards, hosting political leaders and much more throughout the day. Some member of the royal family could even be speaking at charity events – the list goes on.

The press

No matter where the royals go, there will be plenty of press present that takes their photos and makes a note of what they say. It is for this reason that they must always know how to speak to media, but moreover be conscious of them no matter where they go, including when they are on holiday.

This is something that comes along with being in the spotlight, similar to the way celebrities in Hollywood are. Plus, there are people who follow the royal’s stories and are interested about what they do and where they go, and there are thus readers behind the press coverage they receive. The holidays they take may even inspire others to go there, especially if someone like the Queen is known to have visited that spot.

Although they are royalty and are recognised by people all over the world, they must still take some time off to re-charge. Of course, anyone will notice if Queen Elizabeth II or the Duchess of Cambridge are on a beach, and there will likely be photos of their holiday making its way into a local magazine or two. Still, they try to find room for a holiday just like everyone else, as it’s a universal activity and important for everyone to do.


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