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Five things to expect immediately following the birth of the Royal Baby

As the world eagerly awaits the birth of the newest addition to Britain’s Royal family, many are left wondering how the events following the actual birth will play out.

Here are five things to expect immediately following the birth of Britain’s tiniest prince or princess:

Immediately following the birth of the new heir to the British throne, the first Royal to be notified will undoubtedly be the Queen. Likely, Prince William himself will phone her directly from a special encrypted line installed in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital. William and Kate themselves will also most probably be the ones who will give new granddad Charles, and possibly also Uncle Harry and Aunt Pippa a call and of course Kate’s own parents, if they are already not in attendance. After the family is informed, Prince William and Kate’s personal secretary will inform Prime Minister David Cameron, along with other dignitaries. This will all happen very quickly.

If the little Prince or Princess is born during daylight hours, the official handwritten announcement, including gender, weight and time of birth, will be posted in front of Buckingham Palace in a gilt frame on the very same easel that announced the births of Prince William and Prince Harry back in the early 1980’s. The handwritten information within the frame will have been delivered to the Palace by special escort from St. Mary’s Hospital following the birth. Social media and world news outlets will then simultaneously be notified.

Rumor has it that if the baby is born during the night , it is unlikely that the Queen will be woken up. In this case, seeing as she must be the first informed, the official announcement would then be placed onto the easel first thing in the morning, after the Queen and all members of the family are notified.

London’s BT Tower to light up for Royal Baby Birth.

The gates of Buckingham Palace, where the easel announcing the birth of the new heir will be displayed.

The whole United Kingdom is preparing to celebrate the news of the birth with a myriad of celebrations. Depending on the time of day that the new baby is born, the traditional 41-gun salute by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery will take place in Green Park shortly after the official birth announcement is posted at Buckingham Palace. Again, if the baby is born at night, the salute will follow the official announcement in the morning.

Flags will be flown outside of Buckingham Palace on the Mall and throughout London, including the inside of the Victoria Train Station, as well as various other locations in preparation for celebrations.

Heathrow Airport is rumored to be handing out gift boxes to thousands of passengers directly following the birth announcement.

The Royal Mint also plans to give all children born in the United Kingdom on the same date as the little future monarch a commemorative coin in either a pale blue or pale pink pocket.

London prepares to celebrate Royal Baby’s arrival

Heathrow Airport to celebrate royal baby’s birth with gift to passengers

Royal Mint to give silver pennies to babies born on same day as Baby Cambridge

While the Queen herself showed off her own royal babies to the world from the famous balcony adorning the front of Buckingham Palace, William’s own parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana first introduced both he and his brother, Prince Harry, to the world on the steps on the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Members of the media have been camping outside of the Lindo Wing for over a week now.

Members of the media have been camping outside of the Lindo Wing for over a week now.

To the delight of everyone present, William and Kate are also expected to debut their new Prince or Princess by carrying the baby out onto the steps of the Lindo Wing, to the awaiting press.

The world will also be able to catch their first glimpse of the new heir via live cams that various news outlets are providing on the Internet, as well as on television stations throughout the world.

Following the first glimpse, it is expected that the next time the world will see the Royal infant will be when his or her official portrait is released to the public.
Newborn Prince Harry is carried out of the Lindo Wing by his parents in 1984.

Newborn Prince Harry is carried out of the Lindo Wing by his parents in 1984.

While people around the world cast bets on what the new heir to the British throne will be named, history shows that they may have to wait a bit longer as the Royals historically tend to take a while when naming their new child.

After all, Royal baby boys traditionally are given a first name and a total of three middle names; Royal baby girls typically receive one first name and two middle names. While the parents officially choose the name, the official name must be approved by the Queen before it can be put on the birth certificate. This can sometimes be a lengthy process.

Prince Charles went unnamed for a whole month. It took Princess Diana and Prince Charles themselves a full week to announce William’s name: William Arthur Philip Louis. The story goes that Charles and Diana disagreed on a first name; Charles reportedly wanted Arthur, while Diana favored the name William. They were, however, much quicker with their second son, Prince Harry, whose name was announced the day he left the hospital.

It has officially been announced that the new baby heir, who will immediately be third in line to the throne, will be styled as “HRH Prince/Princess (given name) of Cambridge” as his or her official title.

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