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First ever ‘Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry’

The Prince of Wales along with  Canadian Institute of Forestry is giving it's inaugural "Award for Sustainable Forestry’ this month.

The Prince of Wales along with the Canadian Institute of Forestry is giving its inaugural “Award for Sustainable Forestry’ this month

The first Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry was awarded on 16 September 2013 to Jocelin Teron of British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Teron received the award, which is created from woods recovered from forests the Duchy of Cornwall manages.

Ms. Teron will attend an exchange program with British Foresters on His Royal Highness’ Duchy of Cornwall Estate in tandem with a partnership with the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF/IFC). The program which is later for next year will happen together with the Woodland Heritage ‘Woodland to Workshop’ course. Prince Charles is patron of Woodland Heritage.

“I am delighted that the Canadian Institute of Forestry is presenting the first ever ‘Prince of Wales Award for sustainable Forestry.’ I am especially keen that this new award should recognize the dedication of a younger forestry professional to sustainable methods of forestry management,” His Royal Highness stated on the Prince of Wales website. “The award recognizes the achievements of an outstanding young forest professional in Canada, and encourages involvement in and dedication to the principles of sustainable forest management, science-based land stewardship, and public outreach focusing on the wise use and conservation of forests and the ecosystems that they encompass.”

Eligibility for the award is based on being a student or graduate within the last 5 years of a program that focuses on natural resources, forestry or environmental science as well as being an active and contributing member to the university and program in which the individual is enrolled or graduated from.

The notion for the creation of the award began in 2010 when Geraint Richards, the Duchy of Cornwall’s Head Forester, spoke at the CIF/IFC yearly meeting. The Prince of Wales was keen to forging a strong association among the Duchy of Cornwall and CIF/IFC.

“We have established an excellent international relationship between the Duchy of Cornwall and the Institute over the past few years. Despite differences in scale and forest types, there are many parallel approaches for Canadian forestry and what is practiced in the Duchy. Our on-going collaboration demonstrates both the Institute’s and His Royal Highness’ commitment to environmental sustainability, best management practices and knowledge exchange,” Matt Meade, Executive Director of the CIF/IFC, said in a statement on The Prince of Wales’ website.

The Prince of Wales has visited Canada 15 times. He has traveled to each Province and territory since 1970. “Every time I come to Canada, and I’ve been here many times since 1970, a little more of Canada seeps into my bloodstream and, from there, straight into my heart,” Prince Charles was quoted as saying in 1996.

photo credit: fischbob via photopin cc