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Conclusion of ‘The Real White Queen and Her Rivals’

The Real White QueenIn the final episode of this enlightening series, Philippa Gregory concludes her analysis of the three women who were tied up in the Cousins’ War which dominated the fifteenth century. Gregory will look in depth at the lead up to the battle of Tewkesbury and how this battle determined the futures of Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville.

After learning about her father’s death in battle, Anne Neville then would have possibly watched her young husband, the Prince of Wales, ride into this decisive battle, only to be slain fighting for the Lancastrian cause and his future throne. At the same time, Elizabeth would have been waiting anxiously for news of her husband’s and brother’s fate on the battlefield. Anne was used by the men around her. This situation then changed when she married Richard, Duke of Gloucester. This marriage later made her his Queen consort.

Edward IV’s second reign was certainly more peaceful than the previous years, creating a safer reign for his queen and his children. However it was with Edward’s premature death which threw Elizabeth out of this comfort and into what must have seemed like constant sanctuary and fear for her and her children’s lives.

Gregory will also expose how Margaret Beaufort used marriage alliances to strengthen her position amongst the Yorkist court in the belief that her Lancastrian son would one day be king. Margaret may never have become queen, but she ended up rising higher and nobler than both Queens, Elizabeth and Anne.

The concluding episode of the ‘The Real White Queen and Her Rivals’ will be broadcasted at on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two.

Photocredit: BBC/Oxford Scientific Films