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‘Royal Ketchup’ released in honour of Prince George

large_9355181254Upon the birth of a royal baby, there is always in influx of items for purchase that seems to suit one’s personal taste, whether it be the porcelain tea cup with the date of birth, the baby announcement on a plush teddy bear or the ubiquitous tea towels that seem to fly off the printing line as soon (if not before) an announcement is made. With the arrival of Prince George, a small condiment company in Beaumaris, located on the SE corner of Anglesey in North Wales has “spiced it up.”

Prince George Sos Coch (Welsh for Prince George Tomato Ketchup) was introduced in honour of the royal’s birth at the Menai Bridge Seafood Festival this past weekend in Anglesey by Suzanne and Tim Silcock, the owners of Mon Stir Sauce.  The Silcocks have had a hand in introducing products to the Royal Family in the past.

The couple was featured on the Prince’s Trust Prime website for their innovative vegetable sauces including a special blend produced for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Their two bestselling sauces, “Bad Boy” and “Cheeky Girl” were also sent to Clarence House and Buckingham Palace, although we have no word on if a taste test transpired.

Tim and Suzanne Slicock’s decision to move to Wales as part of the Princes Trust Course for Mature People to begin their own business would soon have them inspired by another member of the Royal Family. It was on the same island of Anglesey that Prince William was stationed at for the RAF, that the Slicocks developed their royally inspired sauces. The Queen’s Jubilee and Coronation Chicken recipe inspired Suzanne to create their first sauce, “Jubilee Mango and Sweet Chilli”. Suzanne “did some research and we developed our Jubilee mango & sweet chili. The Queen doesn’t like hot and spicy. I sent one to Buckingham Palace and one to Clarence House and was absolutely thrilled when we received personal letters back from the royal secretaries saying thank you for the sauce and it had been passed to the royal kitchen. We also received a gold edged card from Her Majesty saying thank you for being a loyal subjects”. Their ketchup to honour Prince George was also sent to Kensington Palace recently.

There is always an influx of products whenever a royal event such as a birth takes place. Prince George’s birth inspired many to create souvenirs and other bits and baubles. One may wonder the reason for choosing such a product as ketchup. It was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s living on the island that was behind the inspiration. “As the young royal couple have been living on our Island for nearly three years we felt that we should celebrate the birth of the young Prince. We decided the new sauce should be child friendly and came up with Ketchup (sweetened with Anglesey Apples and local honey) healthy ketchup for kids!”

Since there have been sauces inspired by Her Majesty and Prince George, one wondered if any other planned royal sauces, perhaps one for Prince Harry with a ginger twist were in the queue? Suzanne replied: “Yes we are working on another designer sauce and may well have a hint of ginger!”

Mon Stir Sauces is located in Beaumaris, Anglesey.

photo credit: Christopher Neve via photopin cc