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Princess Lalla Salma photographed for the first time in over a year in Morocco

For over a year, it has been a mystery as to the whereabouts of Princess Lalla Salma after her rumoured divorce from King Mohammed VI last year.

It’s a subject the Moroccan media does not dare to touch, and the Moroccan Royal Court has never confirmed or denied that the couple have gone their separate ways.

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However, after the Spanish state visit to the country and visit by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the mystery of the popular consort’s whereabouts were brought to the forefront. British media dared to ask what their Moroccan counterparts would not but to no avail. The unknown on Lalla Salma continued until yesterday when she was spotted with her daughter, Princess Lalla Khadija in Jemaa el Fna, Marrakesh, Morocco, where they ate at a traditional restaurant.

Princess Lalla Salma was surrounded by heavy security when a bystander was able to snap a photo of the ‘missing princess’ for all the world to see. Naturally, it was shared on social media and spread.

Lalla Salma and her daughter, according to Le Site Info, greeted passersby and were very friendly to the others in the area as they took in the shops. Princess Lalla Khadija is currently on her two week holiday from school.

The King’s former wife was rumoured to have been seen in Italy in 2018 with both her children, 12-year-old Princess Lalla Khadija and 15-year-old Crown Prince Moulay Hassan. However, no images ever surfaced.

Coincidentally, or not, her first appearance in over a year comes after international media scrutiny and concern over Lalla Salma’s disappearance. Information has also come out that she lives in a residential area of Rabat and regularly visits the palace to see her children.

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