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Crown Princess of Iran issues statement about breast cancer diagnosis

Yasmine Pahlavi, the Crown Princess of the former Imperial State of Iran, has issued a statement to Royal Central following her recent breast cancer diagnosis. At the time of her announcement, she promised to keep everyone updated on her progress.

Her Highness has released a statement to Royal Central thanking everyone for their support after she made the announcement on her official Facebook page in late November of last year:

Since the announcement of my diagnosis, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from my compatriots in Iran. Breast cancer and women’s health, in general, is not a matter often discussed in our culture. However, it is one that merits more dialogue. Lives are at stake. 

Despite my ready access to quality medical care, I found my breast lumps myself. Notwithstanding the efforts of our world-class physicians, many women in Iran do not have access to such care due to systemic neglect. I am determined to continue to share the knowledge I have learned from my personal experience and in consultation with medical professionals with the women of my country.

I hope that this will be but the first step in a more comprehensive focus on women’s health and women’s issues as a whole.

Yasmine Pahlavi

Her Highness is married to Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of Iran, the son of the late Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran and his third wife, Farah Diba. They reside in the United States.

Photo Courtesy of Her Highness’s Office

Her video announcement, in Persian, can be viewed below.

With the video post, she wrote, “Dear friends, I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a difficult time, but I am inspired by the strength and courage of the women of Iran. I hope to use this opportunity to share more about the importance of cancer awareness and women’s health more generally. The operation is tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.”

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