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Supreme Court declares prorogation of Parliament is null and void

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the prorogation of Parliament was illegal and have quashed the suspension with immediate effect.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, will now be tasked with recalling Parliament.

On Tuesday, the highest court in the land has unanimously ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson misled The Queen over the prorogation of Parliament.

This means Her Majesty acted upon unlawful advice earlier this month when she prorogued Parliament for five weeks in anticipation of a Queen’s speech.

In actual fact, the Supreme Court has ruled that the real reason for suspending Parliament was for the government to avoid scrutiny from MPs, particularly concerning Brexit.

The Prime Minister has yet to respond to the unprecedented verdict and there can be no further appeal.

In normal times, if a Prime Minister is found to have misled the monarch, they would be expected to tender in their resignation letter immediately.

However, Mr Johnson has previously indicated that he would not be stepping down from his position.

Also unclear is whether or not Parliament is now prorogued, or indeed whether prorogation ever even legally took place if it was void.