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Donald Trump’s State Visit to the UK cancelled indefinitely

President Donald Trump’s State Visit to the United Kingdom has been cancelled indefinitely at the request of The White House.

In a phone call to Theresa May, President Trump expressed that he does not want to visit the UK until the British perception of him has been improved.

According to a report in the Guardian, the President is fearful of large-scale protests and would rather visit when the population changes their opinion of the 70-year-old.

According to those present at Downing Street when the phone call was made, the Prime Minister was “surprised” that he wanted the visit to be postponed.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn reacted to the news, saying: “Cancellation of President Trump’s State Visit is welcome, especially after his attack on London’s mayor & withdrawal from Paris Climate Deal.”

Although a date had not been formally agreed, it was thought that Mr Trump and his wife, Melania, would visit the UK sometime in Autumn 2017.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, confirmed at a press conference just a few days after his inauguration that President Trump would be travelling to the country at some point on 2017.

However, more than a million people signed a petition urging the Prime Minister to rescind the invitation.

The President is also said to be extremely reluctant to meet Prince Charles because of the pair’s differing views on climate change.

The President, who has previously said that climate change is a myth invented by the Chinese, does not want to take a lecture from The Prince of Wales who is a climate change campaigner, according to The Sunday Times.

Members of Trump’s administrative team instead want The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry to meet the President when he visits the UK later this year.

Speaking to The Times, a source has said: “Trump’s people are worried about an awkward moment, with Prince Charles saying ‘Why don’t you believe in climate change?’

“They do not want the President put in an awkward position where he’s being lectured. They want horses down the Mall, tea with William & Kate.

They want all that pomp and for it to go seamlessly, and one of the risk factors is Charles.”

Whether President Trump visits the UK or not on a State Visit now depends on two things. Firstly, that public opinion in Britain will shift in favour of Mr Trump. Also, it depends on who will be Prime Minister at the time of the planned visit.