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Sandringham takes on new form in special display at royal home

Karen Roe via Flickr CC

A local woman has used her talents to raise money for the NHS. Margaret Seaman, a Norfolk knitter, has knitted a model of Sandringham House, including other buildings and elements from the Sandringham Estate. 

The 92-year-old has created a sizeable knitted version of Sandringham House while shielding during the last year and a half, with the model measuring 5.5 metres by 1.8 metres. Seaman strove for accuracy in her project, working from various photographs and sketches of the estate to replicate all of the architectural details, including the many windows and chimneys. She has stayed in contact with the Estate while working on the project, further ensuring accuracy.

Seaman didn’t limit her “woolly wonders” to Sandringham House itself, either. Visitors can see a knitted version of St Mary Magdalene Church, famous for the Christmas morning walk to church for the Royal Family, and Alexandra’s Nest Summer House. 

Seaman has decided to raise money for the three NHS hospitals in Norfolk with this project, as she has done in the past. She has supported numerous projects at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the James Pagent Hospital, and the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. In the past five years, she has raised over £50,000 for local causes. 

Visitors can either make a donation when they are at Sandringham, or people may make a donation through her online Just Giving page. She has a goal to raise £10,000 with the project and, as of 17 July, has already raised over £3,000 on the page. 

In June, her creations were displayed at the Norfolk Makers’ Festival Showcase and raised over £8,000 throughout the eleven-day showcase. 

Visitors to Sandringham will be able to view all of Seaman’s creations where they are displayed in the Ballroom. It will be shown from 17 July to 14 October 2021. Tickets for Sandringham must be pre-booked. 

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