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Prince Charles Hires Out Dumfries House For Valentine’s Day

The Prince Of Wales has decided to offer out the Scottish home he saved for the nation, Dumfries House, in 2007 just before it went on sale at around £25 million. He is offering 40 guests the chance to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day night in Dumfries House.

Prince Charles helped put together a charitable consortium that bought the house and its collection of Chippendale furniture for £45million. It was previously owned by the Marquess of Bute, the former racing driver Johnny Dumfries.

The experience will cost £85 per person and guests will be given a light tour of the house. Couples who book tables together are offered a free complimentary bottle of prosecco.

Latest accounts for Dumfries House Trust show that it made gross profits of only £54,846 in the year to the end of last March – down from £209,584 the previous year.

Forty guests are to be welcomed into Dumfries House, in East Ayrshire, where they will be entertained in the great steward’s dining room, which will be “lavishly dressed for the most romantic evening of the year,” according to a spokesman for the property.

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