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Fancy having The Queen as a neighbour? This could be your chance!

No 1 Palace Street is a new apartment building in the heart of St James’s Park, directly opposite Buckingham Palace.

So if you’ve ever fancied drawing open the curtains and being greeted with the beautiful site of the grand palace first thing in the morning, a stay at the 300,000-square-foot island site could be your opportunity.

Not only do the 72 luxurious apartments offer visitors some of the most lavish living facilities, but spectacular views of the 42-acre royal gardens are also virtually offered on a plate.

The apartments have been built within what was one of the first landmark hotels in London, The Palace Hotel.

A Grade 2 listed property, the hotel was originally constructed in 1890 and played host to guests like Queen Victoria before the third wing of Buckingham Palace existed.

The design director at Northacre, Orlando Rodriguez is the creative mastermind behind the regeneration of the property, and along with the architectural team, he has spent months researching the history of the area and building.

He has used original interior designs and features from the hotel to inspire the look of No 1 Palace Street.

Reported in AD, online, he says,  “Our brief was to design the most striking apartments in London.”

“We are enhancing and preserving the original features of the building while creating new spaces with five different architectural styles; French and Italian, Renaissance, Beaux-Arts, Queen Anne and Contemporary,” he continues.

Despite the unusual triangular shape of the land, Rodriguez and his team have been determined to transform the property and along the process, have worked closely with the palace and updated them regularly on the progress of the build.

The apartment units will vary from two to five bedrooms meaning plenty of room to bring your friends along and in addition to this will be 10,000 square feet of living facilities including a 6,500-square-foot ‘haven of well-being’ featuring a gym, swimming pool and treatment rooms.

And despite being a project he should love every aspect of, Orlando Rodriguez, reported in AD that his favourite part is “the amazing reception area overlooking the Buckingham Palace Gardens, with all its original feature reinstated.”

So if you fancy a stay fit for a royal in the beautiful apartments, December 2019 is the date you need to remember; for now, you will just have to dream about the luxurious visit you could be having.