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What the NYC Royal Visit means to me

<![CDATA[The time has come as Prince William and Catherine have touched down in New York City. Although their visit may be only for a few days and only on the east coast, excitement is wide-spread. The younger Royals bring out enthusiasm in people that no Hollywood celebrity can.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Canada in 2011.

Ever since the couple’s nuptials the world has been captivated. When The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Canada in 2011, Prime Minster Stephen Harper stated that: “We haven’t seen a love-in like that since the first visit of the Beatles” – demonstrating the sheer scale of the young Royals’ popularity.
Like William’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, Kate has a way of lighting up a room. People feel at ease, as if they have known her for years, and could chat to her about anything and everything. On the day of Will and Kate’s wedding, all the news stations across Canada covered the countless wedding parties around the country – from home parties in your pjs (the wedding took place in the middle of the night in Canada), to tea parties at grand hotels. Personally, I remember staying up all night to watch, and then being too excited to sleep the following morning. This brought back memories of Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding for the older generation and drew in a whole new fan base with the younger.
The Royal Baby effect caused by Prince George could surpass the popularity of his parents, The Cambridges. Although he hasn’t made the trip across the pond to New York City, his future brother or sister has Royal fans in a frenzy. The new Royal Baby watch and soon the ‘Great Kate Wait’ are already drumming up thrills!
However, William and Kate are not the only ones to grab the admiration of the under 30 crowd. Prince Harry is often on the top of every eligible bachelors list! Girls dream everywhere of filling that life long dream and marrying prince charming. So much so that we had a (short running) show called ‘I Wanna Marry Harry‘ – because (insert sarcasm here) of course the soon-to-be fifth in line to the throne would be on a show that uses the word “wanna” in it, and that The Queen would be okay with her grandson taking part in a reality dating show (just some of my problems with the programme, but that is a whole other article!). Veering back onto topic, Prince Harry’s relaxed attitude, sense of humor and wit captivates even the most reserved.
You will always find someone who is willing to debate  the necessity or need of the Monarchy, but with the growing popularity of this new generation of Royals this argument is harder and harder to make.
With each public appearance by William and Kate, Prince Harry or the adorable Prince George, the world comes to appreciate the Monarchy all the more. The NYC trip signifies that America’s love affair with the Monarchy is here to stay, strengthening public relations, growing support and driving the Royal family far into the future!
photo credit: Katrina Koger via photopin cc]]>