The Queen’s Director of Communications and Media Secretary are to leave their roles

Two of The Royal Family’s most senior aides are leaving their jobs it has been announced.

Director of Royal Communications Sally Osman and The Queen’s Media Secretary, Steve Kingstone, are leaving palace life for pastures new.

Ms Osman was appointed to the role of Communications Secretary for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in 2013 after a successful career in the media.

Before joining the Royal Household, the 57-year-old worked for Sony as Director of Corporate Communications. She has also worked at the BBC, around the time of the ‘Queengate’ incident.

The Queengate incident happened when the BBC broadcast a preview of a documentary entitled ‘A Year With The Queen’ in which they showed The Queen supposedly walking out of a photo shoot with American artist Annie Leibovitz in disgust, when in fact she was entering the room.

Ms Osman was also a consultant for the China Media Centre at the University of Westminster and for the brand agency Make Believe.

Also leaving Buckingham Palace is Steve Kingstone who was appointed to the newly created role of Media Secretary to The Queen in 2016. Prior to this he was Her Majesty’s press aide