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The cocktails of the Royal Family

April 21st is fast approaching. Why not celebrate the Queen’s birthday like a royal yourself? After all, she’ll only turn 90 once. Who doesn’t enjoy raising a glass in style more than the Royal Family? Ever wonder what the cocktails of choice for the senior members might be?

The Queen

It is well known the Queen is a creature of habit. Each day, before her lunch she enjoys a glass of gin mixed with a French fortified, herbal wine called Dubonnet. To top off her drink, she prefers a twist of lemon with the pips removed, of course. However, if lemon isn’t to your taste, an orange will serve as a suitable substitute.

Her Majesty drinks wine with lunch and a glass or two of champagne with her dinner. It has been calculated that she partakes around six units per day, which by government standards would make her a binge drinker.

The Queen takes after her mother in her drink of choice; for the Queen Mother so much enjoyed her gin and Dubonnet, some bars even named a beverage after her.

Prince Philip

If spirits aren’t to your taste, try one of the Duke of Edinburgh’s rumored favorites – beer from Boddingtons. As previously reported by Burton Mail, the palace has ordered bottles of ale from a Midland brewery.

Dual Diamond is the new range of ales produced at Diamond. The Duke once visited this brewery in 1995. So it’s rather fitting he would return to a familiar favorite.

The Prince of Wales

The heir to the throne loves his martinis. Mixed with equal parts gin and dry vermouth instead of being heavy on the gin, might save one from embarrassing oneself at a formal state banquet.

If you’re sick of gin, the Prince Charles also enjoys a Scotch every now and then, particularly a 15-year-old Laphroig.

The Duchess of Cornwall

“I need a gin and tonic”. These were words the Duchess was rumoured to have spoken after she finally had a discussion with Prince William about her relationship with his father. So if you want to join in with the Duchess, gin and tonic is your poison.

The Duke of Cambridge

If you’re unimpressed with the drinks presented so far, and you really want to throw it down on the Queen’s special day, try this opulent, and expensive cocktail the duke was reported to have ordered at least on one occasion at this once popular Mayfair nightclub. The Mahiki treasure chest is a mix of several spirits, costing 135 pounds.

Included in the wooden chest it’s served in are a number of spirits such as brandy and peach liqueur. Of course, these are just 2 spirits added in the mix. To add an even more decadent slant, the entire mess is topped off with a whole bottle of champagne.

The Duke didn’t always opt for expensive and opulent. During his college days, he was reported to throw back Stella Artois and Sambuca shots.

The Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess prefers a splash of Jack Daniels. Yes, many order this to close out their nights. This isn’t the only drink she enjoys, though, served at Prince Harry’s favorite nightclub, Boujis, is a cocktail known as a ‘Crack Baby’.

This is similar to her husband’s Mahiki treasure chest, it contains raspberry liquor, passion fruit, vodka and champagne.

Prince Harry

Like other members of his family, Prince Harry loves his premium drinks. He’s been known to partake of Ciroc Ultra, a premium brand of vodka. This vodka is made from grapes, which gives it an acetic taste.

The prince is one for not always sticking to such a first-class beverage. It’s known he’s a fan of vodka and Red Bull; certainly an acquired taste to be sure.

How about a nightcap? If you haven’t had your fill yet and want to bid adieu to the coming day, why not end it all with Queen Victoria’s tipple? It takes a daring soul to knock back this nightcap. Made of half whiskey and half claret, it will put the most devoted of celebrants to sleep.

Regardless of your drink of choice on this momentous occasion, we hope you stay safe and enjoy yourselves most thoroughly.


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