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Edward and Sophie set to swap HRHs for 'His/Her Grace' next month

<![CDATA[large_8050239285The Earl and Countess of Wessex are set for a week of engagements in Scotland during mid-May as Prince Edward attends the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly from 16th-24th May.
During this time, he and his wife will swap their ‘HRHs’ for the higher style of His and Her Grace, as Prince Edward takes up his appointment as Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly – the first member of the Royal Family to be appointed to the position since the Duke of York was in 2007.
Also during this week, Edward will for the first time rank just below The Queen and Prince Philip in the Order of Precedence (meaning he’ll rank above Prince Charles and his other siblings) in Scotland.
State Opening of Parliament moved back one day
The annual State Opening of Parliament marking the start of the Parliamentary year has been moved one day back to 4th June due to a G7 meeting in Brussels, the Government announce. The traditional occasion was originally scheduled for 3rd June, a later date than has been usual since the changes to Parliament’s sessions.
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will now be attending the State Opening just a day before the start of the State Visit to France on 5th-7th June.
Royal Household looking for assistant for Queen’s helicopter flight
The Royal Household are advertising for a ‘Assistant Operations Officer and Landing Site Officer’ to work in Odiham as part of The Queen’s Helicopter flight. The role, which would earn you £28,000 pa for a 35-hour week, involves ‘dealing with calls and messages from the Royal Travel Office, Royal Households, the police force and others to assist in planning and preparation of Royal Flights; assisting in the organisation of ‘landing site recces’; visiting proposed landing sites to assess their suitability and refuelling the helicopter.
This dual role requires the applicant to have experience of flight operations and also hold a driving license – two things described as ‘mandatory’ in the job’s specification. Prospective applicants can read more about the job on the Royal website.
Time running out for equality in the peerage bill 
As the current parliamentary session draws to a close, many of the bills currently in Parliament are unlikely to make it through before prorogation in a few weeks’ time.  The Equality (titles) bill is currently at committee stage in the Lords and looks unlikely to progress to the next session. The bill’s sponsor, Lord Lucas, described the bill as “dormant” to Royal Central last week.
Whilst this doesn’t signal the end for the campaign to allow women to inherit titles, it will certainly be a setback for the cause.
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