Royal Central Roundup: a sombre week

Welcome to the Royal Central round up. Much of this week’s royal news had a serious tone with more details of the enthronement of an Emperor and the sad confirmation of the passing of a princess. There were some bright spots, too, with a special royal birthday and some more summer snaps.

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This week’s royal news

The Dutch Royal House is mourning the death of one of its most loved members – Royal Central looks back at the life of Princess Christina who died surrounded by her family on Friday morning.

Royals from around the world are expected at the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito of Japan in October – find out whose presence was confirmed this week.

One of the world’s most popular and well respected royals had a birthday this week and Royal Central celebrated with this special photo gallery of their very successful year. Enjoy it here.

Royal Features

The US President Donald Trump is apparently considering a bid for Greenland – find out about the many royal links of this island, which is ruled by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

There was a big birthday this week for a little country and its royals led celebrations – all the details here.

Enjoy another installment in our journey through the royal family trees of Europe as we find out how a record breaking monarch is related to a grand duke.

Coming up

Did you know that the Duchess of Cornwall believes in ghosts? It’s just one of the revelations in True Royalty’s summer season on Camilla and Royal Central readers get a discount so check the link here for all the details.

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