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Royal Central Extra is here: coming up on our new service

This week, our brand new subscription service, Royal Central Extra, launches. And there is a huge range of special video content for our first subscribers coming in the first days of Royal Central Extra.

We’ll be talking about the reign of Europe’s longest serving king, we’ve got a special focus on the life of a much talked about consort before she became royal and we discuss a pressing problem for the Queen that is only set to become more important in the coming months.

There’s also a chance to talk about the missing heirs of Europe. We know that 21st century monarchies will be dominated by women as succession laws finally catch up with real life and put gender bias behind them. But there are still princesses across the continent who have been displaced by younger brothers. We’re asking whether rules should be changed retrospectively to allow them to take the roles they were born to.

And we’re also considering change of another kind. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate life for all of us, older royals have been forced to take a back seat. On Royal Central Extra we want to hear your thoughts on whether 2020 has forced a changing of the guard on Europe’s ruling dynasties.

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