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Preview of final episode of 'The Plantagenets'

<![CDATA[In the final episode of The Plantagenets, Professor Robert Bartlett reveals the events that led to the downfall of England’s longest ruling dynasty in the fifteenth century.


The Death of Kings sees Professor Bartlett discuss the bloodiest decades of the Plantagenet’s history. Bartlett takes viewers through how family rivalries became so brutal that close relatives turned upon one another and usurped the crowns of Richard II and Henry VI, which consequently led to the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses.
Just as seen in previous episodes, Bartlett examines the battles which defined this ruthless age, including Henry V’s gloried victory at Agincourt in 1415, and the events at Bosworth field in 1485, which cemented the fall of King Richard III and concluded the end of the Plantagenet line.
The Death of Kings will be broadcasted on BBC Two at 9pm on Monday 31st March and will be available to watch online soon after the episode airs.
The final episode of the series was produced and directed by Rosie Schellenberg.
Photo credit: BBC/Jamie Simpson]]>