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Why The Middletons Aren’t ‘Cashing In’ On Party Pieces

Today has been a day of almost no Royal News. As such, on days like these, some ‘royal fansites’ like to speculate. On today’s agenda was whether the Middletons were cashing in on their Party Pieces company by producing 1st birthday party accessories.

For those of you that don’t know, Michael and Carol Middleton own a party accessories business called ‘Party Pieces’, they have owned this for many years, turning it into a successful business long before the Middletons’ daughter, Kate, married into the Royal Family.

Accusations of cashing in have been flung at the Middletons since day one. Those who possess common sense and at least minimal knowledge of the Middleton family’s background and business operations will know that all this is just conjecture.

The Middletons have run their business for many years, developing and researching new products and new markets to enter into, just like any other business.

Miniature castles, ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ banners and balloons are among the royal baby-themed products available on the site. Expectant parents might also be tempted by other kits, such as a Tiny Feet Baby Shower party pack.

The very nature of their business is competitive and based on occasions. They are no more cashing in on the market than if any other business were to introduce a new festive product.

The Middletons are fully entitled to introduce new products at their own will, and shouldn’t be ridiculed for engaging in the same product research and introduction as any other company or business.

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