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A look at the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development

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Ahead of her 50th birthday, we are taking a look at Queen Rania of Jordan’s namesake foundation: the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development.

The Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development (QRF) was established in 2013 by Queen Rania to improve education outcomes within Jordan and the Middle East.

The foundation organises and implements programmes that address the root causes of education problems in Jordan and the Middle East. Their mission “is to accelerate improvements in education nationally and regionally.”

On their website, they explain what they do: “Our team of experts and researchers is dedicated to finding scalable solutions and improving educational outcomes in Jordan and the wider Arab world. To achieve this, we conduct rigorous research, design innovative programs, and inform education policy-making. Our work develops the capabilities and empowers young people to explore their limitless potential.”

The QRF has several strategic partners that include the Arab Bank, Zain, Tides Foundation, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation – Jordan, and the Capital Bank. Their valued supporters include the Boston Consulting Group, RTI International, Save the Children, and Luminus Education.

Queen Rania has a welcome letter on the organisation’s website, where she explains the work of the foundation and asks people to share their good ideas. “With your support, we’ll give every Arab girl and boy a strong foundation and a future full of opportunity,” Her Majesty wrote.

Queen Rania at the launch of online educational platform, Edraak, for mathematics for kindergarten through grade five in March 2019. Photo: Copyright 2019, Royal Hashemite Court

The Queen also spoke about the online learning courses the QRF have worked with: “QRF is a hub for new learning ideas. One of the most transformative is Edraak. Launched in May 2014, this pan-Arab initiative makes available Arabic online learning courses. It’s the first non-profit platform of its kind in the Arab world and the feedback from young people is that they want more! We’re running to keep up with them!”

In April 2019, the foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Expedia Group as part of the group’s efforts to improve education. On 5 August, they launched a free mobile app to teach the Arabic alphabet to young children.

The QRF has had an enormous impact across Jordan and the Middle East. Over 2,000 students have taken part in the QRF programmes, and the organisation has used big data to look at the reality of the education system in Jordan so as to help the country face its challenges. They also work alongside the Ministry of Education to promote the ministry’s ability to make decisions from analysing the technology and evidence.

Those wishing to donate to the organisation can do so here.

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