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What dukedom could Sweden’s new prince receive?

Photo The Royal Court, Sweden

The names of the newest Prince of Sweden will be revealed by his grandfather in a cabinet meeting on Sunday, 28 March. While there are many guesses as to what the little royal may be named, what dukedom will he receive?

There are several dukedoms available including Halland, Uppland, Närke, Småland, Västmanland and Västerbotten. However, which of these dukedoms is the prince likely to get?

One of the top contenders is the dukedom of Halland, which formerly belonged to Prince Bertil – the beloved uncle to King Carl XVI Gustaf and adored great-uncle of Prince Carl Philip. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia now live in Prince Bertil’s former home, Villa Solbacken, with their family. Their first child, Prince Alexander, has Bertil as a middle name, and their second son, Prince Gabriel, has Carl as a middle name – which was one of Bertil’s middle names (as well as the first name of Gabriel’s grandfather and father). It would be very special for Carl Philip to have his son hold Bertil’s former duchy.

The last holder of the dukedom of Uppland was the King’s uncle, Prince Sigvard, who died in 2002. He lost the title in 1934 after he married a woman of unequal rank. The law at the time required that Swedish princes marry women of royal blood, so marriages to commoners meant that the princes lost their titles and places in the line of succession.

The last Duke of Närke was Prince Eugen – the son of King Oscar II and Queen Sophia. He was an accomplished painter and died in 1947, having never married, reportedly keeping his homosexuality hidden from the public.

Prince Lennart was the last Duke of Småland, but he lost the title due to an unequal marriage in 1932. He was a grandson to King Gustaf V.

Prince Erik was the last Duke of Västmanland; he was the third and youngest son of King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria. He died in 1918 at the age of 29 from the Spanish flu during the last pandemic. Considering the world is faced with another pandemic, it is unlikely that the new royal would get this dukedom.

The duchy of Västerbotten was the dukedom held by King Carl XVI Gustaf’s father, who died when the King was just nine months old. It would be a special tribute by King Carl Gustaf to the father he never knew to give his grandson the duchy.

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