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Crown Princess Victoria takes a walk in Halland

On Friday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden undertook her lasted hike through the Swedish landscape in the province of Halland on the western coast of the country which borders the Kattegat Sea. It also borders Victoria’s duchy of Västergötland.

The Crown Princess began her 19th hike with a welcome by Halland County Governor Lena Sommestad. She then began walking on the Prince Bertil Trail in the Halmstad municipality after beginning Jansabryggan in Stenhuggeriet.

Her Royal Highness also had the opportunity to meet students, teachers and staff from Eketånga Montessori School to hear about how they promote good health and learning through their method “well-being gives results.”

She then learned about Långenäs from the Nature Conservation Officer, Jessica Gunnarsson. She also spoke to a group of hikers in Grötvik’s Harbour who told her about how they stay fit and keep moving for their health.

The Crown Princess views her ancestors and father’s signatures on the rock. Photo: Raphael Stecksén / Kungl. Royal Court

As the hike continued, Crown Princess Victoria came across the “King’s Stone” where King Oscar II, King Gustaf VI Adolf, and King Carl XVI Gustaf have all written their names.

She then made it to Sandhamn (or Sand Habour in English) where she took part in various activities including a bike ride and continuing to Görvik, the royal spoke to fishermen and learned about the area’s fisheries. A lunch at Swarre Hall followed.

Sweden’s future monarch had a view of the popular beach from the life guard’s deck when she was at Tjuvahålan. While heading back to Tylöbäck, she learned about the beach’s challenges of beach erosion from climate coordinator, Frida Sundh.

The hike also allowed the Crown Princess to speak to marine biologist, Bosse Gustafsson, who told her “about the marine environment and the fauna along the Halland coast,” according to the Royal Court.

Crown Princess Victoria began her hikes through Sweden last year and will take part in 25 walks throughout different areas of Sweden over the next few years. Her goal is to highlight all the things Sweden has to offer and encourage people to get out and move to stay healthy.

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