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Swedish Royals celebrate Easter online

sweden easter
Screenshot/Fair Use

The Swedish Royal Family have released an adorable video showing them contacting their family in Sweden – and Princess Madeleine’s family in the United States.

The video begins with Crown Princess Victoria, her husband Prince Daniel and their two children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar contacting King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia at Stenhammar Palace. Crown Princess Victoria says, “Hey, how lovely to see you!” Then two more screens pop up with Princess Madeleine’s family in Florida and Prince Carl Philip’s family in Villa Sollbacken and they wish each other a happy Easter.

The King and Queen say they are doing well and are glad to see everyone and Queen Silvia adds they should do it more often. Crown Princess Victoria says that they will miss them all this Easter. Princess Estelle then leans over to tell her grandparents that she made a card for them with a llama on it. She wrote on it, “Happy Easter, grandpa and grandma! Warmest greetings, Estelle.” The King thanks her and says it is very nice.

Crown Princess Victoria then waves to her sister Madeleine, saying, “Hey Florida, Madeleine! How are things in Florida?” Madeleine answers that they are well and carrying on. Turning to Prince Carl Philip, Princess Estelle shouts, “Hey, Sollbacken!” The screen then cuts to all four with everyone waving and saying “Happy Easter!”

See the full video below: