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Sweden’s Royal Court issues update on Queen Silvia’s condition following fall

Queen Silvia's portrait for her 77th birthday
Victor Ericsson/Kungl. Hovstaterna

It is now a few days since it was confirmed that Queen Silvia had fallen and broken a bone in her arm. The Swedish Queen was treated in hospital after a fall at Drottningholm Palace. Doctors found that she had a fracture in her right wrist. After treatment, Silvia returned to Drottningholm.

The Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning” has received an update on the Queen’s condition. In a short statement, the Royal Court writes: “She has had her arm bandaged, and now she is home again. Given the circumstances, the Queen is fine”.

Margareta Thorgren, Communication Manager at the Royal Court, has confirmed to the Swedish press that they chose to contact Princess Madeleine in the middle of the night, Florida time to inform her of Queen Silvia’s fall. The rest of the Swedish Royal Family was also contacted shortly after Silvia’s accident. Ms Thorgren states: “The whole royal family was informed this morning. Of course, they think this is very sad.”

For Princess Madeleine, it must have been very uncomfortable to be contacted in the middle of the night due to an accident in the family. However, it would have been even more unpleasant if she had not been contacted and instead had first read about her mother’s accident via digital media. Princess Madeleine lives with her husband, Chris O’Neill, and their three children in Florida, USA

The calendar of the royal court shows that the Queen has no planned arrangements in the foreseeable future. She will probably be away from the public eye in the coming weeks, so that she can rest after the injury she has sustained.

In 2016, Queen Silvia was also taken to hospital after becoming dizzy during Christmas. At that time she was admitted to Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. Besides this, the Swedish queen has enjoyed good health. The Queen has her office at Stockholm Palace and lives with the King at Drottningholm Palace. During the coronavirus pandemic, the King and Queen also spent some time outside Stockholm in a smaller castle, where there is a need for fewer servants than usual.

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