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Sweden’s Crown Princess Family has fun on Instagram with exercises

Photo: Anna Lena Ahlstrom/

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are passionate about staying fit and encouraging others to stay in shape. They find it especially important that children get up and move and not just stay inside in front of a screen all day.

Through their initiative Gen Pep and Rädda Barnen (Save the Children), the platform “Digifritids” was created for children in the lower and middle school age brackets. Digifritids has jigsaw tips, games, workout films for children and families to take part in.

The Crown Princess Couple founded Gen Pep, a non-profit organisation, to encourage children and young people in Sweden to “have the ability and desire to live an active and healthy life.” The organisation also spreads information to assist young people in finding information on living a healthy life.

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In the Instagram video on Gen Pep’s feed, the Crown Princess Family is seen in their Haga Palace home. There, Princess Estelle says that she is bored and asks the family to come up with something to do. Prince Daniel asks her, “Are you tired of just sitting here?”

The Crown Princess then asks Estelle, 8, for suggestions, and Estelle pulls up Digifritids on the laptop nearby. Four-year-old Prince Oscar then helps select a video on the screen showing an activity where one person is in a push-up position while another crawls under them before hopping back over them.

Prince Daniel is then seen on the floor with Prince Oscar on his back while Princess Estelle crawls under him and then hops over him and her brother. Crown Princess Victoria watches on as her husband and two kids fall to the ground laughing.

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