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Queen Silvia kicks off Christmas celebrations

Christmas is fast approaching, and for the royals as well, this means an increase in the number of events that revolve around Christmas. In Sweden this week, Queen Silvia started Christmas with visiting the German ladies’ club in Stockholm.

The German Ladies’ Club in Stockholm has around 100 female members who, as most, greatly appreciated receiving a royal visit. Christmas was celebrated here in the traditional German way, with German music, art, culture and other Christmas traditions from a country with which the Queen has a close relationship to.

The event was held in the German ambassador’s residence in Stockholm and the ambassador from Germany was also present. The Swedish queen was also serenaded with a number of traditional German Christmas carols and the food that was served contained both German and Swedish traditional Christmas dishes.

Queen Silvia has been patron of the German women’s club in Sweden since 1976. Queen Silvia has a close and dear relationship with Germany, which is the country of her birth. The Swedish queen was born in 1943 in the German city of Heidelberg, her mother was from Brazil while her father was then German.

It is also no secret that many of the members of this German women’s club have become good personal friends of the queen over the years, and it was clear that Queen Silvia was very happy to see many of the ladies once again.

As Her Majesty was born in Germany, Queen Silvia naturally speaks perfect and fluent German, so most of the conversation during the meeting, on December 1st 2022, took place in German.

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