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Princess Madeleine takes Princess Leonore to celebrate Childhood Day

Princess Madeleine of Sweden took her four-year-old daughter, Princess Leonore to Childhood Day celebrations today at Gröna Lund – Sweden’s oldest amusement park. It was not confirmed but expected that she would bring either Princess Leonore, her two-year-old brother, Prince Nicolas or both as it is Mother’s day in Sweden. Childhood Day is an annual event that raises money for the World Childhood Foundation which Queen Silvia founded.

The mother-daughter duo enjoyed the concert, with Leonore wearing protective headphones on her ears, and rode several of the rides in the park – including a children’s elephant ride and rollercoaster. Performers at the concert included Markoolio, Hanna Ferm, Chris Kläfford, Sigrid Bernson and De Vet Du.

After the event, Princess Madeleine posted on her Facebook and Instagram saying, “Today, Leonore and I were at Childhood Day at Gröna Lund. Thank you to all the artists who performed on stage, and thanks to Gröna Lund whose entrance fees today went to Childhood’s work for all children to grow up in a safe and loving environment free from violence and abuse.”

This was Madeleine’s second event after giving birth to her third child, Princess Adrienne in March. Her first event was in April where she attended a World Childhood Foundation (WCF) International Council meeting alongside her mother, Queen Silvia at the Royal Palace.

Queen Silvia created the World Childhood Foundation in 1999. It has offices in Sweden, Brazil, Germany and the United States, and it is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It supports and implements over 100 projects across the globe. The organisation has said that its goal is “that no child should be exposed to a violent or damaging environment, but instead have the opportunity to grow up with memories of a safe and loving childhood.”

Princess Madeleine started working for the WCF’s office in Stockholm while studying in 2007. In the autumn of 2010, Princess Madeleine worked at the World Childhood Foundation in the United States as a project manager. When the Princess moved to London, she had to quit her job as the project manager in New York. However, she still regularly meets staff from the charity and visits gala dinners, workshops, etc. for the organisation. The Princess has also launched different campaigns such as the “Thank You” and “Eyes Wide Open”.

After the event today, Johan Tegel, the Information Secretary at the Royal Court, told Expressen, “Princess Madeleine has a great commitment to the organisation, founded by the Queen.”

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