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Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar learn about bees

Linda Broström, The Royal Court of Sweden

Sweden’s Princess Estelle, 8, and Prince Oscar, 4, spent 20 May learning about the family’s beehives to mark World Bee Day.

Crown Princess Victoria took her two children to the beehives at their home, Haga Palace, to learn more about the insects as a way of celebrating World Bee Day.

The family, dressed in beekeepers suits and helmets, learned about the bees and why they are important for biodiversity from Haga beekeeper, Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen. The young royals were taught about pollination where the bees play a vital role and how it helps to put food on the table.

It was Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar’s first visit to the beehives. Both were said to be very curious but a little scared when so many bees began buzzing around.

The beekeeper instructed them about the queen bee and explained her importance: “Estelle asked some and wondered what was what. We talked about how old the queen is and that she is the mother of all the bees.”

According to Expressen, Princess Estelle thought wearing the beekeeper suit felt like wearing a spacesuit. She also got the chance to taste honey, which she enjoyed.

Kristiansen said: “They really love honey, it was Estelle who said that she loved honey. They are very good ambassadors for pollination and bees, so it feels great.”

The beehives at Haga Palace were a wedding gift to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in 2010 from the Swedish Beekeeper’s National Association

Beehives are also located at the Swedish Royal Family’s home, Solliden Palace, on the island of Öland.

Honey from the hives is sold at the royal palaces and the money goes toward the Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation.

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