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Prince Daniel reveals that he wants his children to experience normal Sweden as much as possible

In a recent interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden spoke about his seven years as a member of the Swedish Royal Family and how he wants his children with Crown Princess Victoria, five-year-old Princess Estelle and one-year-old Prince Oscar, to experience the standard Sweden that he grew up with.

About making sure his children experience as normal a life as possible, the Prince said, “I also think it’s important to let the children visit all sorts of environments. You need to know how the metro works, and what it’s like to travel by bus and what it’s like to stand in line, and what it’s like to experience that passion within the sports community when there’s a game and the (AIK football team’s supporter club) Black Army is chanting away. That’s something I don’t want them to miss out on.”

His Royal Highness added, “Being with your children is the best thing in the world.”

Princess Estelle has been spotted on numerous occasions with her parents at ice hockey games and met the Sweden’s Men’s National Ice Hockey team with her parents after winning gold at the World Championships in 2013 and 2017. Prince Oscar joined his parents, sister and uncle at Stockholm Palace last month to receive the team.

Prince Daniel also spoke about how he and Victoria work to promote good health and sports in Sweden, “We like to inspire. We have incredible surroundings near us, even those of us who live in the big city. We enjoy being out in nature, and want our children to have the same opportunities we’ve had to feel safe in that environment.”

When it comes to his passion for helping people be active and the social inequalities in the country for those who are active, he said, “It’s a paradox. We belong to those who exercise the most in Europe – and to those most sedentary.

“We who have good prerequisites, we’re becoming more and more aware. Those who are already having a hard time economically and socially, they are the ones first affected by illnesses, and who are hit the hardest. You get the sense that it is so unfair. And this is a part of my commitment to this issue. We can not go on like this. We must join forces to try to change it.

“You don’t choose the career I chose if you’re not passionate about changing people’s health. I’ve devoted my entire adult life to it.”

Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria launched Generation Pep “Gen Pep” last year which focuses on encouraging children and young adults to be active and healthy. He also revealed that Princess Estelle dances as part of her physical activity and is learning to ride a bike which he called “incredibly fun.”

Daniel married the Crown Princess of Sweden on 19 June 2010. He was born in Örebro and raised in the small Swedish town of Ockelbo. He was the owner of the gym chain Balance where he met Victoria and was her personal trainer. Their engagement was announced in 2009, and they wed in Stockholm Cathedral the next year. Their first child, Princess Estelle, was born on 23 February 2012. She was followed by Prince Oscar on 2 March 2016.

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