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Prince Carl Philip heads to Blekinge on latest royal visit to see pandemic impact

Prince Carl Philip
Kungahuset You Tube still/ fair use

Prince Carl Philip has visited Blekinge County to see the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic there and how people are rebuilding. The prince’s visit took him to the city of Karlskrona and the acting governor Helena Morgonsköld hosted the visit.

Prince Carl Philip began the day in the county administrative board’s premises where he heard about how the county was affected by the pandemic and how cooperation in the county around the management of the pandemic worked.

Infection control doctors then told the prince about the protection situation in the county. Nurse Cecilia Mathisson and assistant nurse, Evelina Rosell, shared their experiences of caring for patients with Covid-19. They also talked with Prince Carl Philip about the cohesion created in healthcare, how everyone helps and supports each other.

After the initial talks at the county administrative board, His Royal Highness visited the BTH University where he heard about how the organisation worked during the pandemic. Teachers and students then told about their experiences and how the pandemic affected them.

After lunch, which was served at the county governor’s residence in Karlskrona, the prince visited Antonio’s restaurant where restaurant manager Fredrik Larsson and chef Monika Erixon spoke about the challenges and adjustments made at the restaurant due to the pandemic. From Antonio’s restaurant, the prince walked to The Pot – a place for meetings and “coworking” workplaces. The prince and the acting governor met business developer, Daniella Bergström, who discussed about The Pot and the company Umbrella Production and the challenges they had during the pandemic.

Afterwards, the prince visited “Kvinnojouren”, where he heard about the women’s shelter’s operations and how that was affected by the pandemic and the challenges they faced. The prince concluded his visit to Blekinge County at the Marine Museum.

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