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New photos released of Swedish newborn Prince Oscar

The Swedish Court has released new photos of Prince Oscar, the son of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel who was born on 2 March 2016. The photos are accompanied with a word of thanks from the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel.

The message reads: “Thank you very much for all the greetings, good wishes and congratulations we received in connection with Princess Estelle’s birthday and Prince Oscar’s birth. We appreciate all the concern and that so many share our joy”. – Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel


Copyrignt: Prince Daniel

One of the photos is Princess Estelle holding her little brother, while the other is of Crown Princess Victoria holding her son. The first photo was taken by Prince Daniel, while the other was taken by Kate Gabor.

Prince Oscar is third in line in the succession to the throne of Sweden after his mother and his sister Princess Estelle. A 1980 change in law made his mother Crown Princess in favour of her younger brother Prince Carl Philip, who was born in 1979. By then, changes in the law were already planned, though officially Prince Carl Philip was Crown Prince for eight months.

The birth of Prince Oscar was greeted by two 21-gun salutes on the island of Skeppsholmen, opposite Stockholm Palace and the little Prince received the title Duke of Skåne. He is the third Swedish Prince to carry that title and both his predecessors became King of Sweden, Charles XV and Gustaf VI Adolf.

The name Oscar is also not unfamiliar in the Swedish royal family. There have been two Kings named Oscar and several princes carried the name, like his great-grandfather Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten, whose full name was Gustaf Adolf Oscar Fredrik Arthur Edmund and who unfortunately died in a tragic plane crash before he became king.

A Te Deum Thanksgiving service took place the day after his birth, just after his full name Oscar Carl Olof was announced by his grandfather.