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King Carl XVI Gustaf briefed on Sweden’s ongoing government crisis by the Parliament Speaker

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden was personally briefed about the ongoing government crisis in Sweden by the parliament speaker, Andreas Norlén. The meeting took place at the royal palace in Stockholm.

Work to form a new government in the country has been stalled since the election on 9 September. The reason is that neither the bourgeois block nor the red-green group will negotiate with the right-wing populist party, Sverigedemokraterna, which became the country’s third largest party after the election.

The National Assembly House in Stockholm is located close by the Royal Palace. Photo: Larske via Wikimedia Commons.

Andreas Norlén informed the King that the current crisis is finally winding down. Norlén will present his proposal for a new government next Monday. Two days later, on January 16, the Riksdag is scheduled to vote on the candidate announced on Monday, most likely to be acting Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. If this vote also concludes in no new government, there will be one last vote later in January. It this vote also ends in no new government, there will be a new election.

Sara Friberg/Kungl. Hovstaterna

In November, Royal Central reported that Andreas Norlén wanted to involve King Carl XVI Gustaf in the current ongoing government crisis. His plan was to enable the King could appoint a new Prime Minister.

The first time Norlén floated the idea was in 2007 alongside other leading Swedish politicians, Annicka Engblom from the Conservatives, Yvonne Andersson from the Christian Democratic Party and Camilla Lindberg from the Liberal Party. In 2007, Norlén argued that in almost every other constitutional monarchy in the western world, the monarch nominates a new Prime Minister whenever needed. He claimed that Sweden should do this as well.

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