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Crown Princess Victoria visits the Life Guard

On Wednesday of this week, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria visited the Royal Swedish Life Guards. During the visit, the Crown Princess received information about the Life Guard’s activities.

The Crown Princess also had the opportunity to hear more about the 13th Security Battalion’s organisation and operations. The 13th Security Battalion is part of the Swedish Armed Forces’ work to discover, combat and combat security-threatening activities, both nationally and internationally.

Lieutenant Colonel Gustaf Dufberg welcomed the Crown Princess to the Life Guard. Photo: Astrid Emilia Amtén/Försvarsmakten / The Swedish Armed Forces.

Crown Princess Victoria has made herself known for always daring to try new things whether it is walking in the forests where she gets the opportunity to drive forest machines, or now as she gets to try heavy weapons in the military.

During the visit, the Crown Princess got to see the demonstration of several techniques the Life Guard uses in their work. Victoria also received a presentation from the battalion’s dogs as well as the testing of a military robot. The visit is one of the Crown Princess’s regular visits to the Swedish Armed Forces.

The Crown Princess talked to one of the dog-patrols at the camp. Photo: Astrid Emilia Amtén/Försvarsmakten / The Swedish Armed Forces.

The Crown Princess learned of the activities carried out by the 11th Military Police Battalion. The view also included how the Swedish Armed Forces handle and protect themselves against various threats that exist in the environment in which they operate. This was everything from unmanned aircraft, home-built bombs and IT equipment.

It is not so long ago the Crown Princess visited them. Last time was in 2017. The Swedish Life Guards is a combined Swedish Army cavalry and infantry regiment, established in 2000 from the Svea Life Guards and the Life Guard Dragoons. Svea Life Guards dates back to the year 1521, when the men of Dalarna chose 16 able young men as bodyguards for King Gustav Vasa, making the Life Guards one of the world’s oldest regiments still in active duty.

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